A Chalet Adventure at Le Bal Poupre – 2020!


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The Voyage North invites you to join members of Ordo Cervi and The Marchwardens for The Purple Bal!

It is a giant masquerade/role playing event held in Shawinigan, QC, near Bicolline in March. It’s an incredible night of live music, incredible decorations and tons of fun!

Official date is March 21st. Accommodations are the 20th – 22nd.

Pricing is per item you would like: Lodging, Bedding, Meals, Transportation.

Item Cost
Lodging $55.00
Bedding $7.00
Meals $52.00
Transportation $50.00

Lodging is at a chalet very close to the event. Pictures and more information will be shared in the Facebook Group.

Meals will be Friday Dinner, Saturday Brunch, Saturday Dinner and Sunday Brunch. They will either be ordered in or cooked in the kitchen. Any allergies can be accommodated.

Transportation is from the Montreal Airport and back again. Departure time from the airport on Friday the 20th is to be decided. Most likely around 5:00p.m.

Packages do not include the price of admission to Le Bal Poupre event.


Friday March 20 – Arrive.

Saturday – Le Bal Poupre

Sunday – Depart

Room situation is:

room 1,3,4,6 for 6 people 3 single bunk bed

room 2,5 for 4 people 2 single bunk bed

room 7 to 12 for 4 people 1 double bed and 1 single bunk bed.

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