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The Voyage North – 2021 Dates TBD!

Become fully immersed in the setting as we live out our days in a medieval camp with our guild, discover the ever growing Grand Duche of Bicolline, battle side by side with your guild and allies, and celebrate our victories around the campfire every evening! This, and so much more, is The Voyage North. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, click here to fill out the application!

Bicolline is a medieval, fantasy, role-playing experience located north of Montreal in French Speaking Quebec. It is the largest event of it’s kind in North America and arguably the highest quality event location and experience in all the world. The Voyage North is your opportunity as an english speaker to join this amazing world and allow us to be your guides. We take care of all the logistical work both in and out of the game. All you do is show up with your costume and enjoy your week!


The Duche de Bicolline is the world’s largest medieval, fantasy immersive site in the world. Set in the foothills of Northern Quebec, it is situated on nearly 350 acres of pristine woodland, and is occupied by hundreds of permanent buildings including a fully functioning inn, churches and countless cabins. It is by far the most immersive medieval setting in the world.


The Voyage North exists to transport you to this magical place, organize all of your accommodations and help you experience this far away land for all it has to offer. Members enjoy staying in color coordinated medieval tents, comfortable bedding, hearty meals, complete camp comforts: campfires, lighting, guild hall, our own tavern; as well as transportation from and back to the airport. Moreover, we take care of all the logistics so that you can enjoy this trip every second of the time. Ready to apply to join us?


Bicolline has nearly as many activities as it does participants. The highlight for many attendees is the medieval style battles which pit armies of 1,000+ on either side for epic level encounters. Others enjoy simply exploring the fully realized world and making new friends. Others enjoy jumping into the Geopolitical intrigue side of the game that allows them to help form alliances, gather resources and further the guilds cause. While others yet; enjoy the nightly concerts, the social atmosphere and lots of leisure time in a beautiful setting. There’s more than one way to enjoy Bicolline!

Package Includes
  • Entrance fees to Bicolline’s Grand Battle Event.
  • Membership dues for Ordo Cervi or Marchwarden Guild.
  • Two Meals per day; breakfast and dinner, cooked for you!
  • Transportation from and back to the Montreal Airport.
  • Lodging in very high quality, canvas, medieval tent.
  • Sleeping cot to keep you high off the ground and dry.
  • Unique camp experience: complete medieval immersion, guild camp setting, and our own tavern.
  • Bonfire every night with plenty of celebrating!
  • All the necessary camp comforts: lanterns, tables, chairs, utensils, plates, cups, etc.
  • The experience of joining a guild in a huge world, having a direct impact on both the guild and world itself.
  • Order Cervi or Marchwarden official Tabard.
  • Most importantly: A one of a kind medieval fantasy experience found nowhere else on earth and we take care of all the logistic work. You just show up.

Each package is put together individually for each member of our trip. This includes many things, and possible add-ons, that are easier to talk about over the phone or video chat, verses slapping a price range on the website. The best way to learn the price is simply to fill out the application and schedule a time to talk with one of our experience experts.

Apply to join The Voyage North today!

You must be 21 to join The Voyage North without a parent or guardian!


“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring hard core role play to the voyage north. More importantly, thank you for convincing me to come back. I would have regretted it FOREVER If I had given up on Biccoline. I am now addicted to Bicco like the rest of the rapscallions” – Morgan, Ontario, Canada

“Without every single one of the Ordo and our friends the trip wouldnt have been the same. This was my first vacation in a long time (I didnt get to half of what I wanted to do) and I now know how I will spend my vacation every year…. with the brave and valiant Ordo Cervi! For Victory or Death!” – Andy, British Columbia, Canada

” If it weren’t for you brother, none of these experiences would be being shared, none of these feelings would be felt, and none of these memories we would be brought home with us, SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, for what you have done for us all, you have worked your ass off all year for us,
and if it weren’t for how hard you worked, as well as your staff, none of this would have happened, so a huge shout out to you all, I LOVE YOU, and thank you for this amazing experience, and i cannot wait until next year !” – Anthony, Manitoba, Canada

“Meeting and seeing every single one of you do amazing things; from monster slaying, to trollball, to bread and butter. And finally to spend a week with my favorite people. From real life, and from Bico. I love you all. – Adam, Austin Texas

“Fought and healed on a battle field with 2000 other people. While healing I laid down on the ground, hid under my shield and pretended to be dead. And after the enemy had charged passed me and the person I was healing, we both got up and took out as many as we could before being killed. I took out their healer while she slit 4 soldiers throats. During a battle I again, hid under my shield and waited for the enemy to pass. They didn’t even check if I were dead or not so when their back was turned I took out three of them and walked back to my team alive.” – Kerrie, Australia

“You are all so amazing and wonderful. I’m so grateful to have met all you talented people and I’m inspired to start working harder to just get to all of your levels of awesomeness. Seriously, to be surrounded by such talented and amazing people, I cried so hard on my drive home. You are all beautiful and I miss every single one of you. I can’t sit here and tell you which was the highlight of my week. It was all of it. Ugh, the tears. Ordo!” Cassie, Connecticut, USA

“VN Staff – Thank you so much. Thank you so much for putting up with all of us. At one point I think everyone had a weird moment and needed help and the Voyage north Staff really just held us all together. Thank you for listening, providing and assisting.” Kaza, Pennsylvania, USA


Apply for The Voyage North

As we enter the fourth year of The Voyage North our little guild of strangers has grown into a mighty family both at the event and outside. The first three years have seen 120 people from all around the world join us for a week where we live in close quarters and share very intense moments of joy, triumph, defeat and fun together. This has created great friendships that will last a lifetime. For us, this trip is a labor of love, and we want to ensure that this event, and this trip is right for you, as much as you are right for The Voyage North.

Therefore, we’ve decided to implement an application process for The Voyage North this year. Our goal isn’t to turn people away, but to make sure that we know you, and you know us before we commit to one another for a trip as large as this. At the end of the process you’ll sign up for an interview with one of our staff. The process is simple, and meant to be an equitable way to handle the hundreds of interested people that would like to join us.

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Epic Scale Battles

Guilds, Religions and Kingdoms square off in multi-thousand person battles on a grand scale. Face foes in giant fort battles, on the open plains, up and down the sides of ravines and through the forest. Feel the rumble of the ground as you stand in the shield wall, watch your foes flee as our archers loose death from above, and salute your enemies before you clash them in epic fights. Ready to join? Click here.

Faces of Ordo Cervi

The people who join our guild, Ordo Cervi, make The Voyage North an incredible experience. The members of our trip are our council members who determine our political allies, our military officers leading us into battle, our bards leading us in song, our friends, and, our family as the relationships formed at Bicolline last a lifetime.

The Setting

The Duche de Bicolline is a unique setting unparalleled anywhere in the world. Join us as we explore dozens of guilds each with a unique culture, through two medieval villages comprised of hundreds of buildings including: a pirate ship, multiple themed restaurants, a fully functioning inn, two stages for medieval concerts each night and, in our camp, our own tavern! Don’t miss your chance to explore this world with us. Apply today!

Join us for the experience of a lifetime. One-of-a-kind medieval environment, fully realized world, and an immersive experience you won't find anywhere in the world! Join The Voyage North


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